I’m a Vancouver-born journalist and writer in my 20’s.  My first professional musical theatre experience was in the audience, reviewing a touring version of A Chorus Line in the mid 1990’s.  I’ve been hooked ever since.  Vancouver has a thriving musical theatre scene and this blog is dedicated to the coverage of it all, big and small.

You can reach me at: matthew [at] vanmusicals [dot] com

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  1. MATT! Were doing a meet and Greet with the Cast of Avenue q Wednesday Feb 2nd. 45 bucks! EMAIL ME AND REVIEW IT 😀

  2. I am a patron and season ticket holder for Metro Theatre. Just out of curiosity, how come the Metro Theatre (on S.W. Marine Drive) is not included in the list of Vancouver companies. They produce very good plays and musicals.

  3. Just a quick note
    *Arts Club Theatre Company
    *Patrick Street Productions
    *Exxiit 22 @Capilano University

    I was recently corrected by the marketing department for releasing a press release with the arts club and not the arts club theatre company.

  4. Lynn Marie Calder

    Hi Matthew – I just started a Calgary Musicals blog and was looking for similar blogs to link too and found yours and put it on my blogroll. Nice stuff. Sorry you’re taking a break. I’ll be following you, so looking forward to seeing you back in action. If you’re interested in what I’m doing, go to http:/calgarymusicals.com, also on WordPress. If you’re aware of other good musical theatre blogs or resources, please let me know

  5. Lynn Marie Calder

    that would be http://calgarymusicals.com of course

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